Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 2007

a satelite international workshop of the JSAI 2007 annual conference

Location: Miyazaki, Japan
Workshop Site: Miyazaki International Conference Hall

June 18th-19th, 2007

Chair: Kei Yoshimoto (Tohoku University)

Invited Speaker:
Gerhard Jaeger (University of Bielefeld)
Alastair Butler (National University of Singapore)
Koiti Hasida (ITRI, AIST)
Yoshiki Mori (Tsukuba University)

LENLS is an annual international workshop focusing on dynamic semantics
and is organized as a satellite of the Japanese Society for Artificial

Intelligence conference.

This year's workshop, the fourth LENLS, will include a special session on dynamic approaches to semantics,

syntax, and pragmatics, through which we attempt to shed a new light on the incremental comprehension of

sentences and discourse interacting with the context. We invite submissions on this topic based on dynamic

semantics, dynamic syntax, and formal pragmatics, as well as decision-theoretic or game-theoretic pragmatics.

Papers are also welcome on more general topics including but in no way limited to the following:

* Dynamic Semantics of Natural Language

* Dynamic Syntax and Labelled Deductive Systems of Natural Language
* Decision-Theoretic Pragmatics

* Game-Theoretic Pragmatics

* Information-Theoretic Pragmatics

* Dynamic (Epistemic) Logics and Natural Language Semantics/Pragmatics

* Coalgebraic Logics and Natural Language Semantics/Pragmatics

* Category-Theoretic Semantics of Natural Language

* Type-Theoretic Semantics of Natural Language
* Substructural Logics of Natural Language

* Extensions of Lambek Calculi including Combinatory Category Grammars and Type-Logical Grammars

* Other Mathematic Theory of Information Structures of Natural Language Discourse

* Natural Language Processing based on Dynamic Semantics, Dynamic Syntax, or Formal Pragmatics


June 18th (Monday)  General Session


9:30-9:35             Opening Remarks, Kei Yoshimoto (Tohoku U.)

9:35-10:00           “Crosslinguistic Variation in the Semantics of Evidentials”,

                            Eric McCready (Aoyama Gakuin U.)

10:00-10:25        “Questions are immediate issues”,

                            Yurie Hara (Kyoto U./U. of Massachusetts, Amherst)

10:25-10:50         “Mixed Quotation: Between Use and Mention”,

                            Emar Maier (U. of Amsterdam)

10:50-11:00         Break

11:00-11:25         “Japanese Indeterminate Quantifier Phrase as a Modifier”,

                            Mana Kobuchi-Philip (UiL-OTS, Utrecht U.)

11:25-11:50         “Structure of Determiners and Monotonicity Calculus in Japanese”,

                            Chidori Nakamura (Iwate U.)

         “Metalinguistic Negation Adverbials”,

                            Chungmin Lee (Seoul National U.)

12:15-13:30         Lunch Break

         “A Modal Scalar-Presuppositional Analysis of Only”,

                            Katsuhiko Yabushita (Naruto U. of Education)

       “Looking for Origins of Intensionality”,

                                           Richard Zuber (CNRS, Paris)


14:20-14:45         “`Kimi-wa nani-o yonda ka ?’ A Derivational Account of Japanese


Willemijn Vermaat (Victoria U. of Wellington)


14:45-15:10         “Acts of Promising in Dynamified Deontic Logic”,

                            Tomoyuki Yamada (Hokkaido U.)


15:10-15:30         Coffee Break

15:30-16:40         Invited Lecture 1: “Coordinating and Subordinating Binding


Alastair Butler (National U. of Singapore)


16:40-16:50         Break


16:50-18:00         Invited Lecture 2: “Meaning Games”,

                            Koiti Hasida (Information Technology Research Inst.)


June 19th (Tue)  Special Ssession


9:00-9:25             “A Multimodal Type Logical Grammar Analysis of Japanese: Word Order and Quantifier Scope”,

Rui Otake and Kei Yoshimoto (Tohoku U.)

9:25-9:50             “Inverse Scope as Metalinguistic Quotation in Operational Semantics”,

                            Chung-chieh Shan (Rutgers U.)

9:50-10:15           “The Effect of Quantification in Japanese Sentence Processing: An

Incremental DRT Approach”,

Takeo Kurafuji (U. of the Ryukyus), Masakatsu Inoue (Mukogawa

Women's U.), Michinao Matsui (Kobe Shoin Women's U.), Takashi

Miyata (Justsystems Corp.) and Akira Ohtani (Osaka Gakuin U./U. of



10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-10:55         “A Presuppositional Analysis of Definite Descriptions in Type Theory”,

                            Koji Mineshima (Keio U.)


10:55-11:20         “Measurement-Theoretic Foundation of Dynamics of Knowledge and


                            Satoru Suzuki (Komazawa U.)

11:20-11:45         “Left-Peripheral and Sentence-Internal Topics in Japanese”,

                            Hiroaki Nakamura (Japan Coast Guard Academy)

11:45-13:00         Lunch Break


13:00-14:10         Invited Lecture 3: “What is a Universal?: On the Explanatory Potential

of Evolutionary Game Theory in Linguistics”,

Gerhard Jaeger (U. of Bielefeld)

14:10-14:20         Break

14:20-14:45       “Case markers and Word order in Multi-{} Combinatory  Categorial Grammar”,

              Keun Young Shin (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

14:45-15:10     “Incremental Processing and a Design of a Parser for Japanese: A
Dynamic Approach”,

        Masahiro Kobayashi (Tottori U.)

“Dynamic Semantics of Quantified Modal mu-Calculi and its

Applications to Modelling Public Referents, Speaker’s Referents, and

Semantic Referents”,

                            Norihiro Ogata (Osaka U.)

15:35-15:45        Break

         Invited Lecture 4: "ATM Once More Dynamically Approached,"

Yoshiki Mori (Tsukuba U.)


         Panel Discussion: “Towards Dynamic Paradigms”



 “Polymorphic Quantifier”, Sumiyo Nishiguchi (Stony Brook U.)



Abstracts should not exceed 4 pages in length and must be in .pdf format.

Abstracts must be sent in electronic form to: kyoshimoto@mail.tains.tohoku.ac.jp

Those who submit an abstract must write clearly which they
are going to choose between the 'Special Session on Dynamic
Approaches to Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics' and a general
session with no restricted topics.

Speakers participating out of Japan may be provided with a financial support for
their travel expenses on a competitive basis.

The proceedings of the workshop will be available at the conference
site for registered persons.
We will publish a selection of the accepted papers in book form, in a volume in the "Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence" series published by Springer Verlag.

Travel Information

Workshop Site

The workshop will be held at World Convention Center Summit in Phoenix Seagaia Resort, Miyazaki.

Domestic Flights in Japan

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On Site: 5,000 Yen

Important dates:

Deadline for abstracts: February 15, 2007 (Extended!)

Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2007

Camera-ready copies (pdf) of papers for the
proceedings, in the LNCS style: May 7h, 2007 (Extended)

Organizing Committee

Kei Yoshimoto
Yasuo Nakayama
Katsuhiko Yabushita
Norihiro Ogata
Eric McCready
Satoshi Tojo
Tomoyuki Yamada
Satoru Suzuki
Linton Wang
Atsushi Shimojima
Yoko Mizuta